Welcome to Sportego! This is our step by step guide to help you play our fantasy games and to explain the rules of play. Once you have signed up and logged in to your Sportego account, the screen in front of you is what we call the Dashboard. On the left side of the screen you will see a lists of games that are currently available for you to participate in and above them you will have a "recent results" button, which shows the latest games played, the entrants in those games and the subsequent winner.

When you click the "play now" button for one of the upcoming games, you enter into the Gamezone. Once you enter, you will see the players available to pick for the fantasy game as well as buttons to view the chatzone and the leaderboard. You will also see an information icon which will explain the scoring system for the fantasy game.

Once you have selected your five players, they will appear together and you will be asked to confirm your entry into the fantasy game.

You will now be asked to confirm your selection. Once you have done so, you will be brought back to the Gamezone and your username will appear in the leaderboard beside the other players who have entered a team. Now all you have to do is wait for the game to start!

But first, there are a couple of rules to bear in mind however:

  • You cannot amend or withdraw your selection once you have confirmed your team - so think carefully!
  • If two players have selected the same five players, the first entry will be the winner. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • The time for entering a team closes 15 minutes before the kickoff of a game. You will not be able to enter a team after this point.
  • No points are awarded to a player that doesn’t play, so make sure your players are all playing!
  • Some points may come in after the final whistle of the game has been blown. This is due to "Team Win" and "Team Loss" points and some other scores only being known after the whistle is gone.
  • Once the final leaderboard appears, the user listed number 1 is the winner.

Once the final leaderboard appears, our scores are updated live, you can watch as your players collect points and give you the chance to win! You can also use the chat feature to interact with other users.


Name & Description
Midfielder clean sheet 1
Part appearance 1
Clean Sheet - GKP/DEF 4
Team wins 1
Full appearance 2
Penalty missed -2
Defender goal 6
Midfielder goal 5
Red card -3
Penalty Save 5
Goals Conceded - DEF/GKP -1
Forward goal 4
Assist 3
1 Bonus Point 1
Saves by Goalkeeper 1
Own goal -2
Yellow card -1
2 Bonus Points 2
3 Bonus Points 3